We all age! However, there is a way to turn back the clock! At our clinic, we provide procedures to maintain or restore a naturally good look and to improve physical appearance - in order to bring joy and satisfaction. Feeling and looking good promote confidence and more importantly still, it encourages one to enjoy life fully. All performed aesthetic procedures are minimally invasive. All procedures, e.g. Botox, are performed by a qualified and registered medical practitioner, Dr Shani van der Spuy, who takes a keen interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine.


Botox and Dermal fillers can be used to treat various conditions including :

• Wrinkles
• ageing lips
• eye-bags
• naso-labial folds
• sagging brows/face
• sunken cheeks
• under-eye dark circles
• ageing hands
• eye wrinkles/crows’ feet
• smokers’ lines


Botox and Dermal fillers can be used to treat various medical conditions including :

• Migraine
• Hyperhydrosis (palmer & underarm)


smiles per day
on average


muscles are used
when frowning


muscles are used
when you smile


facial expressions used
to express emotions


Dr Shani van der Spuy

Physician & Aesthetic Practitioner

Qualified Aesthetic Practitioner

Hello! I'm Dr Shani

She spent seven years in Canada working as a Family Physician where she gained experience and furthered her education, completing the many stipulated examinations to become a member of the Medical Council of Canada as a Certified Family Physician. In addition she qualified as an Aesthetic Practitioner, accepting nothing but perfection from her own work!

Aesthetics Consultation

FREEper consultation


R 60per unit

Dermal Filler

R 1000per treatment

Botox users

are women

Botox users

are between the ages of

30 and 39

Botox users

are between the ages of

45 and 54